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A Course Study was held in November 2012 and January 2013, at the Selma Center on the “Principles of Freedom, Liberty and Democracy” with an introductory overview on the Community Rights Movement.

Course Introductory (Session 1 & 2) were held Tuesday, January 22nd & the 29th

Provided below are some of the study Materials used as a preintroductory study.
Email Guenter at for questions and information.

Visit Hurdy Gurdy Man at on Sundays 6:00 – 8:00 pm for udates on the Community Rights Movement and local activities.

  • Thomas Linzey – Pennsylvania, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
  • Paul Cienfuegos – Arcata CA & Portland OR, Community Rights Movement Organizer
  • David Korten – economist, Harvard Professor, author “Agenda For a New Economy”
  • Annie Leonard – “Story of Stuff” / ‘Story of Change’ & ‘Story of Citizens United’
  • Foster & Kimberly Gamble – Thrive Film, “Follow the Money” & “Liberty Solutions”
  • Richard Heinberg – Post Carbon Institute / author of “Power Down” & “The End of Growth”
  • 7:30 – 8:30 PM  Dialog and Discussion on the Presentation and soliciting Ideas for Course inclusions from participants.

    Bookmark and revisit this page for updates on Educational Courses and meetings.

    • ‘Inconvient Truth’ and Al Gore’s Latest update Dec. 2012.
    • ’11th Hour’ Leonardo DiCaprio Film.
    • Thomas Linzey Founder of Community Education Legal Defense Fund.
    • David Korten Economist, writer/publisher book “Agenda for a New Economy”
    • Paul Cienfuegos, Dismanteling Corporate Rule, Local Rights Based Organizing.
    • “Story of Change” Annie Leanard of ‘Story of Stuff’

    WE invite interested community members to help review materials and share with us their views and thoughts.  Our purpose is to expand educational projects to support our community.

    Contact us if you wish to join our community’s education team or if you want to learn more.

    Below are some PRESENTATION MATERIALS that were presented in condensed form with copy materials and breifs. The Selma Center’s Educational Committee’s Project Planing Meetings’


    Paul Cienfuegos is a community rights organizer (17 years), workshop facilitator, lecturer, active citizen, and co-founder of Democracy Unlimited of Humbolt County. He has a blog site that is a great source for information, discussion points on the movements, vital educational materials on the Historical Background and Rise of Corporate Power and how communities can reclaim their democracy (decision making powers). He also manages an internet book store that supports forward thinking publications at Visit

    You can view a section of Paul’s lecture on Democracy… (mind you this is before Occupy) “Natural Rights”  and “The Colonized Mind”. This is part of an 8 part youtube series of Paul C. Talking in Portland. View it all if you have the time. Then there is the shift to sustainability with food cultivation, Farmers Markets, forest products, etc. See this talk by Thomas Linzey.

    Community Enviornmental League Defense Fund

    Is an nonprofit legal assistance entity that educates and helps communities educate and organize to take responsiblity for their welfare, claim their rights to self-governance and assert their collective inalialble rights as a free people. They work with the Pennock Democracy School that specifically helps citizens to deepen their understanding. Here is an 8 minute video of Democracy School.
    Paul Cienfuegos also works closely with CELDF members to support Oregon and Washington educational/organizing projects. Paul in 2008 facilitated a workshop for us in Cave Junction in 2008 called ‘Dismantleing Corporate Rule’. We sucessfully created a working goup ‘called First Steps’ that engaged several projects before going on leave. He is a front line resource, regional community rights representative for the north west coast and lives in Portland. See

    Also see the Films:
    The 11th Hour at
    The Film “Thrive” Section on “Follow The Money at about 35 minuets in:

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